About Us

Welcome to Co-operative Medical Care, a helpful, family friendly, healthcare service, where everyone’s welcome. Our family friendly GP practice offers patients access to experienced doctors at more affordable prices. Our members also benefit from FREE care for Under 5’s, discounts for 5-18’s and dividend is paid to members.

Co-operative Medical Care offers patients the choice of three healthcare centres, conveniently located in St Peter, St Helier and St Clement. It is easy to access and register as a new patient, just visit your preferred practice and complete our registration form. If you are a member of the Society you can also take advantage of our great member benefits! Becoming a member is easy and only costs £1.

The Channel Islands Co-operative Society is a not-for-profit, member-owned organisation and it exists for the benefit of its members. The Society is committed to providing a high quality service with transparent pricing and no hidden costs. To ensure we provide the best possible service for our patients, we will collect patient reviews and feedback in order to drive continuous improvement across our new medical practices.

Our Mission:

To help our members lead healthier lives by improving access to primary healthcare.

Our Core Values:

  • Put the health & happiness of each patient above all else
  • Break down the barriers that limit access to primary healthcare
  • Be co-operative, honest and transparent
  • Deliver value for our members


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